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All things you need to know about drum tuning

There are a whole lot of features and procedures involved with the process of tuning your drums. To make the tom sound more pleasant and cheerful you need to know all things that are related to drum tuning. We have given you a whole list of things you need to know.

Selection of your drum head

With the number of heads available in the market, you need to choose the right one which is ideal for your drum. Only by doing constant and in-depth experimentation, you can find the best head for your drum. In all these, only the brass drum heads are of normal size. Choosing the wrong head can make the sound very muffled and rough.

Seating and Clearing of the head

To properly tune your drums this process is a must. Uniform tightening must be done to evenly tighten your drum head. Be gentle enough or overtightening can lead to damage and breakage. The head clearly seems to be a tricky part for all the beginners. You need to match the pitch to the lug correctly when clearing else the overtones will ruin the sound of the drum. When you even the tension on the head these tend to fade out. All you need to focus is on the right kind of captivating pitch.


Seeing the muffling in your drums is also equally important. You can use tape or rings for the process. Both are termed to be effective in terms of working. Every drum differs with the rate of muffling so test and find out which one works best for you.

Relationship between head and pitch

Major techniques to keep this on an ideal balance is to tune the head in a minor third and fourth. The tom should be higher than the batter heads when setting. As usual, do a test and see what works for you.

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