Why it is So Important to Get Your CBD Tested by A Reputed Lab?

Nowadays, there are large number of companies involved in manufacturing and marketing of all kinds of CBD based products. However, CBD industry is still in the evolutionary stage and so far, no market regulation exists about these products. Therefore, as a buyer how can you ensure that what you are buying is really a genuine CBD product?

You may not be totally familiar with what are the various tests that is necessary to know about the purity of CBD that you have recently purchased. Therefore, it is essential that while you buy any kind of CBD product, you must insist your supplier to provide an independent test report from a reputed third-party laboratory.

Any lab reports, will provide the certificates of analysis, which will tell you about the actual status of all the ingredients of your CBD products and also the percentage of all kinds of impurity that are also present in the said product.

Understanding how to read the test report supplied by these laboratories will surely empower you to get effective and pure CBD products. As an online CBD oil store, you can always trust Just CBD Store, who can offer you a reliable CBD product. You can buy all these products from online by visiting

Why such lab test reports are so much necessary?

In 2018, new farm bill was legalized federally for industrial hemp with certain conditions, and most important of them is CBD must always contain THC less than .3%. Although hemp plant was legalized, but CBD industry at present operates in the area, which is totally unregulated and full of uncertainty. At present, FDA has not approved them for medicinal use.

When there is lack of regulation, then obviously it means that there is no standard quality control on CBD or CBD products, which are sold in the market for general consumers. Still many untrustworthy brands are selling low-quality, misleading, and even harmful CBD products to their customers, who are also not aware about that.

As long as proper market regulation is enforced and various issues are addressed, few leading brands will practice their transparency by using a Certificate of Analysis done by any third-party laboratory.

This kind of testing is designed for verifying the content of the CBD product, their purity and also potency. Also, lab reports will empower consumers to verify what is exactly present in each CBD product that you purchase.

As a consumer, it is very essential that while shopping for any CBD products, you must insist your supplier to produce 3rd party lab reports and arguably this is the best tool that is available.

By verifying the entire contents present in the CBD product from lab reports will help you to discover whether pure product is sold to you or you have got something without any CBD at all. If CBD companies are not transparent about their product via CBD lab reports then better avoid buying any CBD from them.

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