A Rub Tester Is an Excellent Machine for Quality Control

Checking the quality of your product when used over time is very important. There are machines that can test the wear and tear of your product over time to ensure that it will last. This will take out the guesswork and help ensure your clients that your product will last!

Machine Instructions

The machine works by attaching your sample piece, whatever that may be, to the machine. It uses it fiberoptic exact measure and rubs a flat material over it repeatedly demonstrating the natural wear and tear over time to make sure that the product will last without any problems. On top of that, it will allow you to see where some areas may potentially need to be corrected before running any additional tests.

Rubbing Speeds

To allow products to be checked in a timelier manner you can adjust the machine speeds that are performed to speed up the process. The machine generally comes in 4 speeds. While the higher speeds may not be beneficial, they are available to you to complete your test in the most accurate and fastest way possible.

Machine Repetitions

A setting that is important is obviously the number of repetitions that are needed when testing your product. This can easily be set on the machine while holding down the number. It will gradually increment in frames of one and then jump to 10’s after that.

Rubbing Weights

Different products need different weights of resistance. This combined with the number of strokes will give you the most accurate test. These weights can be adjusted as needed. Be sure a research that information before purchasing the model number that you may use.

Types of Rubs

Different materials also require different types of tests besides weight and repetitions. Keep this in mind too. The machines can test with the standard dry rub, wet rub, wet bleed or transfer, wet smear, and functional rub. Keep these things in mind when evaluating the machine that will serve you the best. The Sutherland 2000 ink rub test machine, for example.

Optional Accessories available

Sometimes there are additional steps that don’t come included in the machine you need. Rather than upgrading to a more expensive model keep in mind that these machines come included with the ability to add additional options. One common accessory that is used is the heated weight. This will not only add the needed weight but add additional heat to ensure a more accurate and real-life scenario too. Check ahead of times on which accessories can be added to your unit prior to your purchase.

Video of the Machine in Action

If you are interested in seeing the machine in action you can find a video demonstrating some of the features to help give you a better understanding of how the machine works.


To conclude you will see that a rub tester will be an important item when it comes to helping to watch your quality control and help provide the best results to your clients. Jumping out there without testing could cost a lot of money in reprints or refunds and can also damage your reputation, with clients, if you start distributing an inferior product.


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