How to Package Your Products without Breaking the Bank

The quantity is essential in this case. Small quantities of products are sometimes simply impossible to pack and save money. However, there are certain options you can turn to. At the same time, even if you have large volumes of products, there are ways to pack them for less money without losing anything. Here are certain things you can do.

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Use hang tags

These tags are simply hanged along your products. However, the question is whether the products you have are the right fit for this kind of tag. They are best suited for products such as clothes, bottles, or some resistant items that can be shipped without packages but remain intact. Due to their simplicity, hang tags are very cheap but you need to put them on products yourself.

Add labels

The simple, yet very effective label is often overlooked. Labels are the best when your actual package is your product. They are great for branding, as you can put your logo on them. No matter what kind of packaging you have, you can simply print labels on them or glue them with various methods. If you have large quantities, then it’s probably better to use a packaging seal.


Cards, header cards, or sometimes even referred to as hang tags are simply cards which are printed in large quantities. They are then folded and stapled to your product which is packaged in a poly bag. This type of package offers great visibility with low costs. Although they might be boring, the goal here is to keep things interesting by designing a great logo and writing compelling lines of text on them.


These are some of the most cost-efficient packaging options to go for. They are effective but don’t cost a lot of money, so it’s a win-win scenario.

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