Retail Security Is Not Just A Guard on Patrol

Gone are the days of security personnel patrolling the grounds of a store with the aid of a dim flashlight and a whistle. In the past, the security staff was the taskforce against crime and losses within stores. Shoplifters were handled by undercover off-duty cops. This reactive approach was monitored by supervisors responding to problems in keeping the store, staff and customers protected. Managers had their plates full in overseeing the entire security operation. In retail, security remains a critical topic leading to a store’s success or failure to operate. Good news! The time has come for better technology.

Retail Security Branches Out into Its Own Technology

Security has gotten better at combating crime. Akin to spy technology, retail technology has graduated from simple CCTV, alarms (be it vocal or silent), and midnight patrols to analytical software and invisible hardware. In essence, crime affects the profitableness of retail. Many measures are initiated to limit the chance for thievery throughout opening hours of operation. But the true goal is to reduce crime before, during and after operating hours. Criminals embrace technology too, making them practically invincible. Get into the mind of a criminal, and you will assess your security risks without fail. The key is to assess all of the store’s threats before they become a crime. Before investing in a security system, begin your research online with a search for something like InVue. Focus on reducing theft, increasing sales and improving the experience of the customer.

Another significant threat is internal. Regrettably, employees of any establishment are untrustworthy. They have knowledge of the store and its protocols along with access to merchandise. To reduce risk in this area is simple; manage your staff well giving them the respect they deserve. This should prevent an employee from turning into a terrorist. Security protocols are a must in implementing an effective retail security system. Shortages in cash, inventory, merchandise, and equipment must constantly be monitored. Management is not above suspicion either. They possess knowledge of everything pertaining to the store.

A complete security solution will include professional staff training and state of the art devices to provide detection, surveillance, analytics, and access control going beyond simple observance. A retail establishment will need powerful loss prevention techniques to preserve the bottom line and remain in business. Shoplifting, theft, burglary presents a threat to your inventory and merchandise. These threats are daily, and you need retail security to beat the odds and deal with it.

Security technology must remain two steps ahead of trends in retail crime. Retailers can deal with theft in ways that go beyond the criminal mindset. Businesses must invest substantially in cutting-edge security measures to make it difficult for people to commit crimes undetected. They require efficient solutions that combine their electronic and mobile devices into a central network. This will allow IT and security personnel to detect and react to infiltrations in real time. There are many strategies, devices, and products available to address the problem of security. Combining the most recent technology with an anti-theft strategy, retail can catch thieves red-handed and eliminate losses making your store crime resistant.

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