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Arnon Dror linkedin: The Veteran Businessman in the World of Finance

Finance always play a significant role when it comes to the managing a business. A company cannot function with adequate finance, in fact a business may even close down without the adequate amount of money. Therefore, it is important for a business to have a separate finance department which can help in managing the flow of money and thus direct the course of the business as well.

Financial management is one of the most fundamental errands of entrepreneurs. They must take into consideration the potential costs of their management decisions on profits, cash flow and on the financial condition of the company. The activities of each aspect of a business have an authority on the company’s financial performance and must be restricted and assessed by the business owner.

Arnon Dror linkedin has held a number of positions such as the VP of Finance within companies and is regarded as the most triumphant businessman in the world of finance. As of now, Arnon is working as VP Finance and Operations at Kornit Digital North America. He has extensive knowledge in regards to managing international business and a record of brilliance in restructuring, integrating, and managing businesses to beat all revenue and performance targets.

Arnon Dror ct is the ex- VP of Finance at US Channel Group’s Xerox Technology Business and he has an extraordinary track record in reformation, incorporating, and managing the business to go beyond all profits and performance targets. In the year 1991, he has graduated from the renowned Hebrew University with a BA in Economics and Business Administration. Just after completing his Bachelors, Arnon Dror obtaoined his MA in Micro Economics and earned his MBA in Finance from The Hebrew University. Prior to serving Xerox, Arnon has held several high-authority positions that focused his ability in Finance, Management, and Economics. Arnon Dror linkedin is hence regarded as a faithful advisor to company leadership, with a well-built background in:

  • Systems & Technology
  • Finance & Strategy Planning
  • Financial and Business Modeling
  • Change Management – Turn Arounds
  • International FP&A and Tax
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Internal Controls
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Turn Arounds & Mergers
  • ERP Integration
  • Complex Deal Structuring
  • Negotiations

As a veteran in the field of finance Arnon Dror ct says that although a business may be based on an individual ideal or a visual vision, it will only be able to work efficiently if it is fiscally sound. It has often been found that businesses more often than not pass through growth periods and startup spending more than they get, but, the long-term wellbeing of any company depends on in due course earning more money than it actually spends. Apart from this, financially realistic companies must handle cash flow in an efficient manner so as to prevent incapacitating finance charges and have adequate capital on hand to cover basic expenses.

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