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Is Erectile Dysfunction Affects Only in Old Age?

Erectile dysfunction is always believed to be a part of old age because people had a misconception that muscles tends to loosen up in old age and the person is not been able to maintain erection. Though it is true to certain extent but not entirely correct. The blood circulation tend to deteriorate as the body age and for a penis to stand rigid it ought to have proper supply of blood into its chambers.

But then you cannot completely say that it’s an old age disorder because old age people may be able to get the erection but the sexual desire is not present. So making a perception that because old age people don’t indulge in sexual activity it is a clear indication that old age person cannot maintain erection and hold on to it, is a lie.

So if you also believe that erectile dysfunction is an old age disorder then correct your facts. Even if a young age person who is not able to get complete erection and hold it for the entire duration of intercourse can be suffering from erectile dysfunction. The main reason for erectile dysfunction is the bad lifestyle that modern society people have adorn to.

Consumption of alcohol, recreational drugs, smoking are also some of the factors which leads to erectile dysfunction. Beside the bad lifestyle people follow these days there are many physical and psychological factors that contributes to the development of erectile dysfunction.

We can categorize the symptoms of erectile dysfunction into two categories which clearly states that people of all age group can fall prey to this embarrassing disorder which hampers the sexual life of a man.

  1. Physical ailments and habits that contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction are:
  • Hardening of the arteries which supply blood to penis during arousal.
  • Alcohol and tobacco consumption.
  • Taking too much prescription drugs.
  • Diabetes also affect erection of a man.
  • Lower level of testosterone in the body.
  • Parkinson’s diseases.
  • Radiation therapy conducted on testicles.
  • Spinal cord injury or a brain injury.
  • Bladder or prostate surgery.
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Blood pressure etc.
  1. Psychological factors which contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction includes:
  • Stress
  • Performance anxiety
  • Childhood abuse.
  • Personal relationship.
  • Depression etc.

Erectile dysfunction is very much curable but doctor consultation is a must to seek the right treatment. People often take help of medicines like Viagra or generic Cialis which are known to curb the erectile dysfunction. But the problem with Cialis generic or Viagra is that it is not a permanent solution for the disorder. Surgical operations are the only treatment which has high success rate for the correction of erectile dysfunction.

There are therapies which people can undergo to find out the root cause of the disorder. There are also vacuum devices which help people to eradicate erectile dysfunction but the success rate is not as much as the surgical treatments. So we can say that erectile dysfunction is not limited to old age because there are so many other factors which are responsible for development of erectile dysfunction.

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