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Key Electropolishing Benefits to Make it a Preferable Option for Industries  

Electropolishing refers to an electrochemical procedure to remove material from any metallic piece of work. Today, a large number of industries use this reverse electroplating method to passivity and polish metallic parts. Reason for this is that the method gives competitive advantage to almost every modern industrial application, about which one will get details from Electropolishing benefits, as mentioned in this blog post.

Improves Resistance to Corrosion

All sorts of corrosion problems start nearby or on the surface. However, metal handling practices and fabrication techniques degrade surface conditions and its properties in an invariable manner. Moreover, surface contaminants, such as iron, dirt, grease and various other metallic particles often inherent to welding, machining and fabrication procedures.

Mechanical handling, cutting, machining and polishing will leave abrasive participles, including iron as embedded within the metallic surface. These types of surfaces contaminants disruption the stainless steels’ formation via natural methods resulting in corrosion resistant type of oxide layer and forming the origin site related to corrosion. Electropolishing technique on the other side, removes surface material as well as surface contaminants, as it dissolves free iron and other embedded particles from the metallic surface.

Moreover, it improves the near surface chemistry of any work piece made of stainless steel and boosts the atomic ratios possessed by various materials alloying elements. Based on this, electropolished stainless steels produced by ABLE Group are far better to resist crevice and pitting corrosion problems, stress corrosion cracking, localized galvanic and microbiologically influenced types of corrosion problems.

Drastic Improvement in Surface Finish

With electropolishing, you achieve improved micro finishing, which obviously do more job than simply improving overall appearance of a specific metallic part. Superior micro-finishing options are able to improve metallic seals, reduce real surface area, lower friction and help in easy sanitation. In addition, the technique improves both heat and light reflections. Electropolishing technique is able to improve the finish of any surface to maximum 50%. Since the latest reverse electroplating method does not involve any surface coating, you do not have to bear the risk related to surface peeling or distortion with time.

Significant Reduction in Product Adhesion

One of the prime Electropolishing benefits is that it reduces product adhesion and buildup of contamination drastically based on improved micro-finish. Reduced adhesion further helps in product building up limit and increase of duty cycles drastically. Another best thing about the mentioned innovative technique is that it completes cleaning tasks in no time and with less possible hassle, whenever cleaning activity becomes necessary.

Provides Hygienic Solutions

Electropolishing technique adopted by ABLE Group helps in sterilization and thereby, provides hygienic yet clean metallic surfaces. In addition, it reduces rough appearances of inner surface formed by storage vessels, distillation columns and distributed systems for clean steam and hot purified form of water.

Delivers Lustrous Metallic Surface

Lastly, electropolishing technique provides a lustrous metallic surface. As a non-mechanical procedure, it eliminates any risk related to creating directional-based polished lines. Moreover, the material undergoes electrochemical treatment to provide a microscopically smooth and lustrous metallic surface.




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