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Things to Do When your Flight is Cancelled?

Whether you are flying for leisure or for work, it is common for travelers to take reaching their destination on time for granted. However, trip disruptions are more common than you thin and these can happen due to several reasons. So, what should you do if you have to face a cancellation? Some steps you can take are:

  • Keep your travel documents handy because you will need them to prove that you had a booking on the cancelled flight.
  • Find out why the flight was cancelled and ask the airline to provide a written statement for the reason of cancellation.
  • Consider your traveling plans and then decide if you want to take an alternative flight to your destination or get a refund.
  • If you have to wait for 2 or more hours, you can ask for meal vouchers. If your waiting time is longer, you can ask the airline to provide you accommodation.
  • If it turns out that you have to bear additional expenses due to cancellation of flights, always make sure you keep the receipts safe.
  • Look up the rights you have been given in regard to flight cancellation compensation under EU261. Do not accept any offer until you have determined your rights and demand compensation accordingly. Make sure you are eligible for compensation. This depends on why the cancellation occurred. If the flight was cancelled because of the airline’s fault or factors under their control, they will be required to compensate. If it is due to natural factors like weather, the airline cannot be held responsible.
  • Once you have discovered that you can get compensation, you should get in touch with the airline and discuss with them.

In this way, you can minimize the expenses you have to bear and your travel plans will not be ruined completely.

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