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Unique Wedding Car Decorations

Once PrestigeDrive car hire is done, the next thing on the list is to get it decorated. While most couples get simple flower decorations for wedding cars, few like to do it differently. The internet has witnessed many such creative people who gained attention through their explicit wedding car decorations. Some of such unique decorations are as follows:


While balloons are more of a party decorating material, some premium balloons can decorate a wedding car. Wedding cars that are decorated with balloons have a blend of matte and metallic shiny ones.


If you have a foodie partner who loves chocolates, it will be useful to decorate your wedding car with chocolates and amaze your partner with the sweet surprise. Some car decorating agencies can make beautiful designs with ribbons and chocolates to make your marriage day pleasant. You can add chocolates that are your partner’s favorite.


If your partner values friendships and relationships with family, you can get your wedding car decorated with cards containing wishes from friends and family. You can get such cards from wedding car decorators so that the color of all cards is according to your wedding theme.


You can have a touch of memories with your partner incorporated on your wedding car design. There can be multiple small-sized pictures with ribbons and flowers to make your wedding car a display of time you have spent together.


You can get the name of yourself and your partner written with flowers on your wedding car. Car decorating companies often provide glitter sheet alphabets that can be used to write names on the vehicle. Some companies also offer customized font style sheets of your name. Just ensure that your words are prominent enough to be noticed among the ribbons and flowers and do not overdo them.




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