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Which DJ to Hire

Any event or occasion needs to be fun, lively and entertaining. Over the last 25 years, disc jockey’s or DJs are the new popularity thing for people of all ages at events. They are great at weddings, bar/bat mitzvah, holiday functions and birthdays. You can make any night a night for all to remember with a DJ.

DJs are an excellent choice because they are more worthwhile than a live band. Depending on who it is, they can be a little cheaper, and they do not take up as much room with all of their equipment which is a big deal considering some spaces are quite small. There are of course different types of DJs for your special soiree. A party DJ is perfect for just that. Their job is to keep the party going and going. There is a range of music to choose from and request.

The most sought-after DJ is a wedding DJ. You can make your wedding personalized by requesting certain songs to be played or even not. They can come up with a perfect list to make sure any wedding is truly unique to that couple. A club DJ can bring the relaxation of a jazz club or the fast beats of EDM music. They produce all of the assortments of styles, personalities, and moods to whatever kind of vibe you are trying to show.

The rare and the classic should look no further than to a vinyl DJ. It is in the name; these DJs solely rely on vinyl usage. They know the esoteric and enigmatic music genres and particular songs. These DJs are one of a kind.

There are other options to blend a singer or musician with a DJ too. The mix and blend of live music and a DJ bring a sense of surprise and change. Logistically, this still does not take up much more room if you are using only one singer or one musician.

While researching which DJ would be a perfect fit for your needs in London, always check their reviews and ratings. See if you can set up a time to meet, similar to an interview and get the feel of them and what they are about. Check for any references and look for testimonials about them. If they have representation in the form of an agent or a company to back them, ask them for any extra help in determining whether or not you should go with them or find another talented DJ.

One other question you should ask concerns pricing and additional hidden fees that may arise. Make sure you get the full quote for the entirety of their music playing and any extra you may need. Make sure that the prices include all of their equipment as well. Some occasions may require lighting, PA, microphones or screens. Planning to do a little celebration? Your gig should have a DJ. They can keep the carousing and good times going all night or day long.


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