Large Tote Bags – A Thing of The Past Or The Latest Fashion Trend?

Sustainability has become the new norm. These days, people prefer things that are not only pretty and chic, but eco-friendly as well. No other industry has gone through such a major turnaround as the bag production industry.

The size of bags that hit the runway had been shrinking over the past few years, but no longer, with oversized bags being back in fashion, we finally have room for all our possessions. Hallelujah to the extra space! The large tote bags have always been a favorite, made out of jute, bamboo, and organic cotton, they have become a must-have this season.

Tote bags generally have a subtle one or two-tone colour that easily blends in with the outfits that you wear, but no one shies away from bold popping prints anymore. Carrying simple off-white tote bags are a thing of the past. Printed bags with designs and slogans are a must-have this season. Being unique is vital and you can’t go any more unique than customization. Custom Earth Promos provide you with the best quality of recycled products that are assembled with care and printed on using eco-friendly inks made out of soy and vegetable products.

There are some major advantages of carrying a tote bag. Other than being spacious they are also lightweight with a sturdy build and are great for regular wear and tear.

Types of Tote bags to carry to different occasions

  1. Canvas Tote Bags – They are a popular choice due to their toughness and functionality. You can either buy them solids or with funky prints. Usually, decorated using leather trims, fancy rope handles, and zip closures. They are perfect for a day at the beach or a casual day/night out with friends.
  2. Cotton Tote Bags – Cotton is light in weight compared to the other material. Due to this, It is best used for grocery shopping as it is durable, reusable, and comfortable to carry. You can carry a stylish cotton tote bag to the office as an elegant statement or the printed ones while going out during the day to add color and cheer.
  3. Jute Tote Bags – Made out of durable jute material, this eco-friendly bag has become a must-have. They are usually built with a single compartment with zipping or button fasteners. They are also beautifully decorated with embroideries and the perfect partner for lunch or fancy dinner.
  4. Beach Tote Bags – Some tote bags are made specifically keeping beach in mind. These bags are made out of materials like canvas, straws, and nylon. These bags are able to withstand heat, sand, and water and give you the ideal beach companion.
  5. Clear tote Bags – These are made out of clear sturdy plastic. It is a top fashion choice as it can perfectly blend in with the paired outfit. To show it off properly, you can also fill it with colorful items to make it expressional.

There are many different kinds of tote bags available in the market. So, go out and explore and choose one that best suits your style!

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