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Why must you prefer a Limousine instead of UBER?

Comparing UBER and Limousine don’t make any sense.

But….really is there any comparison between them?

UBER is a popular service to move around in today’s time; it is easy to use with an app that is accessible on phones. It seems like a future of modern transportation, but they have been facing some serious safety issues. Instead of an UBER, a Limousine may be a more practical and better option due to several reasons:

·        It is a Fair Business:

UBER misclassifies their drivers as ‘’contractors’’ and never consider them ‘’employees’’. UBER gets benefits from their drivers by hiring them as a contractor and never provide them with a guaranteed minimum wage, overtime pay, health insurance, or worker’s compensation.

On the other side, a reputed Limousine Services Company hires its drivers as employees and also provides the employee benefits.

·        Limousine is all about transportation in Style:

No doubt UBER is a first option to go anywhere. It is inexpensive and rightly so. But you cannot expect an excellent vehicle that could help you to make a statement. Renting a Limo means you are paying for a great experience and outclass Style. Especially having a ride for an exclusive event – like a wedding night, a corporate event, or a prom night, a limousine is the best option you can choose. Arriving in a sleek, stylish, and luxury car with a professional and well-trained chauffeur, you will experience a VIP privilege and exceptional attention of people around you.

·        Experience the professionalism:

Hiring a Limousine means you are dealing with professionals. You get a professional and respectful driver for your entire ride. Riding in a Limo is not about traveling from point A to point B, but it is an experience of luxury and comfort.

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