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The Top Things to Look For When Vetting An Auto Shipping Service

Auto transport service can be very useful for both domestic and commercial purposes. However, choosing the wrong company can have dire consequences. In a market saturated with fraud, it is necessary to cover all your bases before committing to an auto shipper. This means vetting the available services and finding reliable companies to do business with. Here are some steps that make vetting a company much easier.

Check Ratings and Reviews

The type of company you want to choose is the one with positive ratings and reviews. Bad service is well-documented. You have dissatisfied consumers, low ratings, and formal complaints to reference. Odds are a service that complicates everyone’s life will do the same to you. So be sure to choose a service everyone vouches for. It should have the kind of reviews that say, “check these guys out they must be really good”.

Look for Experience

Experience says a lot in the auto transport business. It says the company is reliable as they have managed to stay in business. It says that they offer quality service as they are able to maintain a customer base. Veteran auto shippers are also less likely to damage consumer vehicles, more apt to make on-time deliveries, and better equipped to provide a top-level job.

Look for Complaints

Your background search should also look for formal complaints from consumers. If the business has a good number stay away. Even good business may suffer complaints from time to time, but the complaints should vary and be rare occurrences. Too many focused on the same issues speak of a fundamental problem you do not want to deal with.

Look at Credentials

Before choosing an auto transport service make sure they have proper licensing and insurance. In order to operate a legitimate auto shipping business, a company has to have a Motor Carrier Number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This number should be displayed proudly on their website and in hung in full view of consumers at their office. If you cannot readily find it then the business has something to hide.

An auto shipper should also have proper insurance. This protects you from liability should your car be damaged during transport. It also protects you from liability should a member of their staff be injured while moving your car. If a company does not have proper insurance, they have no guarantee to offer dependable service.

Look For Proper Payment Channels

If the company is legitimate, they will be able to operate in a legitimate way. If they are fraudulent, they will have to circumnavigate proper circles. A big indicator of this is the way they accept payment. If the business you choose goes outside proper channels it means they have something to hide. A legitimate company can take credit and debit. Be on the lookout for strange payment options like wire transfers through Western Union. These are not proper channels and the company using them should not be trusted.

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